Modern javascript i18n localization library based on es6 tagged templates and the good old GNU gettext

Key features

  • Uses es6 template literals for string formatting (no need for sprintf).
  • Can precompile translations on a build step.
  • Support for plurals ngettext
  • Contexts support contexts
  • Uses babel plugin to extract and resolve translations, works with modern javascript AST.
  • Can be integrated in any build tool that works with babel.
  • Has options for both efficient development and production setups.
  • Has a builtin validation for translated strings format.
  • Can use any default locale in sources (not only English).
  • Handles React (jsx) translations.

Live example https://jsfiddle.net/AlexMost/9wuafbL5/30/


The whole solution consists of 2 parts:

  1. c-3po library - https://github.com/c-3po-org/c-3po
  2. c-3po babel plugin - https://github.com/c-3po-org/babel-plugin-c-3po

How it looks like in the code:

Here is a usage of some c-3po functions:

import { t, nt, ngettext, msgid } from 'c-3po'

// simple string literals
const hello = t`Hello c-3po`;

// formatted strings
const name = 'Mike';
const helloMike = t`Hello ${name}`;

// plurals (works for default locale out of the box)
const n = 5;
const msg = ngettext(msgid`${ n } task left`, `${ n } tasks left`, n)

c-3po library aims to provide the most natural and reliable way to translate strings in a javascript sources. it provides some helper functions (tags) for making javascript templates translatable with all their shiny features like string interpolation, multiline e.t.c.


Slides from talks


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