Multiline strings

enabled by default

c-3po provides reliable approach for working with multiline strings. For instance we have this in our code:

import { t } from 'c-3po';

function test(name) {
   return t`multi line string
      with multiple line breaks and
      with formatting ${name}`

By default the quoted phrase will contain all indentation before each line, and all those tabs will be inside .po files and in a user content. To make things little bit easier c-3po removes all indentation before lines. So you will receive this in .po file:

#: src/multiline.js:7
msgid ""
"multi line string\n
"with multiple line breaks and\n
"with formatting"
msgstr ""

This behaviour can be disabled or enabled by dedent property in the config. (by default it has a true value).

  dedent: false

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