Adding comments for the translator

Developers can leave some meaningful comments for translator to provide more information about the translation context.


// translator: some description for the extracted string. 
t`some string`

Here is what we will see in the .po file after extraction:

#. some description for the extracted string
msgid "some string"
msgstr ""

c-3po provides 2 options for comments extraction:

  1. Extract all leading comments before the translated expression.
  2. Extract only tagged comments.

This option is disabled by default. You can enable it by addComment configuration

Recursive comments lookup

c-3po will lookup for comments until it reaches some declaration or statement. This can be useful when commenting a group of keys:

export const keyToNames = (key) => {
  // t: Action name in page OOO.
  const MAPPING = {
    key1: t`Something`,
    key2: t`Another Thing`,
    key3: t`Yet another thing`,

  return MAPPING[key] || key;

// or

export const OPTIONS = /* t: option names */ fromJS([
  {label: t`option 1`, value: 1}, // ...

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