Adding comments for translators

Developers can leave some meaningful comments for translators to provide more information about the translation context.


// translator: some description for the extracted string. 
t`some string`

Here is what we will see in the .po file after extraction:

#. some description for the extracted string
msgid "some string"
msgstr ""

ttag provides 2 options for comments extraction:

  1. Extract all leading comments before the translated expression.
  2. Extract only tagged comments.

This option is disabled by default. You can enable it with the addComments configuration

Recursive comments lookup

ttag will lookup for comments until it reaches some declaration or statement. This can be useful when commenting a group of keys:

export const keyToNames = (key) => {
  // translator: Action name in page XYZ.
  const MAPPING = {
    key1: t`Something`,
    key2: t`Another Thing`,
    key3: t`Yet another thing`,

  return MAPPING[key] || key;

// or

export const OPTIONS = /* translator: option names */ fromJS([
  {label: t`option 1`, value: 1}, // ...

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