Applying translations without babel plugin

This article shows an example of how you can apply translations at a runtime without transpilation step just with the ttag lib.

This approach can be useful for dev environments because it saves you some extra build time. It is not so important to keep js bundles small in dev environment. Or, from the other side, you can use this approach on the backend to prerender HTML with translations in universal(isomorph) apps.

Consider using precompile strategy for production (described here and here)

Let's look through a quick demo on jsfiddle -

As you can see ttag works out of the box without the transpilation step.

Below are the 3 easy steps that you need to execute to have your translations working at the runtime:

1. Loading translation object (po to JSON) [backend]

Let's imagine you have .po file with translations (more about how to extract translations here). We recommend to use gettext-parser for .po files loading. This one will load translations object from .po or .mo file. This step must be executed during the build step somewhere on a backend to prepare json with a translations.

import fs from 'fs';
import gt from 'gettext-parser';

function loadFile(filePath) {

const ukLocale = loadFile('uk.po');

I have already extracted object on jsfiddle example.

2. Adding locale to ttag [frontend]

Let's assume we have translation object in ukLocale var on a frontend. The way in which you are passing translations object to the frontend can vary, depending on what build tool you are using. Here is a quick example of how you can pass the translations object to the frontend with webpack. To be able to use locale you should execute addLocale from ttag.

import { addLocale } from 'ttag';
addLocale('uk', ukLocale)

3. Use locale [frontend]

To select some registered locale you need to execute useLocale from ttag

import { addLocale, useLocale } from 'ttag';

Consider not to use this approach in the browser in production, because ttag allows you to precompile all translations at a build time. Precompile approach will remove extra parsing work on the client and will reduce the resulting bundle size.

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