Configuration for babel-plugin-ttag

ttag configuration is a simple JavaScript object (Config).

Config.extract.output (string)

Default: 'polyglot_result.pot'

Specifies a file where to save extracted translations (.pot file). If this setting is present then babel-plugin-ttag will extract translations.

Config.extract.location (string)

Default: 'full'

Configure how file references are attached to translation files. File references may help translators to identify where a given translatable text is used in the code base.

One of the following values are valid:

  • 'full' - file location with line number
  • 'file' - only file location without line number
  • 'never' - don't attach any file reference

Config.resolve.translations (string)

Default: null Specifies the path to the .po file with translations that will be placed in sources.


{ "resolve": { "translations": "i18n/uk.po" } }

It can be set to 'default' to strip ttag tags and resolve the default locale:

{ "resolve": { "translations": "default" } }

Config.resolve.unresolved (string)

Default: 'skip'

Controls how to handle missing translation strings in the .po file.

One of the following values are valid:

  • 'fail' - will throw an exception with information about string that has no translation.
  • 'warn' - will send warn message to stdout.
  • 'skip' - no reaction

This setting can be useful if you want to ensure that all translations are present before some release, branch merge, etc.


{ "resolve": { "translations": "uk.po", "unresolved": "fail" } }

Config.extractors.[FunctionName].invalidFormat (string)

Default: 'fail' Available function names: tag-gettext, ngettext, gettext, and tag-ngettext

Controls how to handle functions using a translatable text containing an invalid format.

One of the following values are valid:

  • fail - will throw exception with information about string that has no translation.
  • warn - will send warn message to stdout.
  • skip - no reaction


{"extractors": { "tag-gettext": { "invalidFormat": "skip" } } }

Config.dedent (boolean)

Default: true

Configures whether multiline strings should be dedented. For more information, please check the multiline strings section of the documentation. (Array)

Default: false

By default, ttag will be looking for translations in file if it has an appropriate import or require

import { t } from 'ttag'
// or
const { t } = require('ttag');

If you are not using none of commonjs or es6 imports you can set this setting to true to discover translation strings without explicit import statement or require call.

Config.defaultLang (String)

Default: 'en'

Default language ISO code that is used for strings in the source code. (English by default).

See available language codes -

Config.addComments [ boolean | String ]

Default: 'false'

Set this to true to extract leading comments before a translatable string.

addComments: true
// this comment will be extracted to .po file
t`translated string`

You can specify a string prefix to identify which comments will be extracted:

addComments: 'translator:'
// this comment will not be extracted
// translator: only this comment will be extracted
t`translated string`


Default: 'false'

The resulting entries in .po (or .pot) file will be sorted alphabetically by msgid. It can be helpful to reduce merge conflicts.

Config.numberedExpressions (boolean)

Default: false


t`Hello ${ name }`

By default this will be extracted to Hello ${ name } in the .po file. Only variable names are allowed to be inside expressions. With numberedExpression:true the former example will be extracted to Hello ${ 0 }. This will allow you to use any expression inside string literals (function calls, jsx, etc)

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